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How do you future proof your business equity?

Post COVID Pivot to Online MessagingCOVID has taught us that being prepared to pivot is essential, which was one key takeaway from Tapas Strickland’s recent presentation at the BBG Finance Forum.  Tapas spoke about how digitalisation in businesses poses a good opportunity for SME, while larger corporates have a longer pivot to do, from bricks and […]

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7 Website Development Do’s and Don’ts

Did you know that around 75% of businesses could have better website results? That’s partly because of positioning, partly because of technology. Hint: a website is NOT about what you do and it IS about what Google does. If you are ‘Old school’, you might see a website as an online listing for a printed […]

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7 Top SEO Copywriting Strategies for Business

Does your business currently have a copywriting strategy in place? If not, then this blog is for you. A good copywriting strategy always serves two masters. First you want someone to read it. Then you want the search engines to love getting your content in front of more people because it’s readable. Implement the following […]

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How Branding Sells For Your Business On Your Behalf

People often think that their business is about selling what they do. However, customers don’t always buy products based on what a company provides.

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The Failure of Traditional Advertising Agencies and what you can learn

Digital Marketing Agencies have overtaken traditional marketing for many reasons. Read on to find out why all savvy business owners have moved away from the large traditional agency model to outsourcing to smaller, more agile agencies.

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What Does it Take to be the next IT Girl in Advertising?

where information technology, marketing strategy and sweet spot product intersect

There is a sweet spot in a digital marketing strategy, which encompasses the ability to reach people online with information technology. To become the new IT Girl and to create an ongoing relationship is more subtle and authentic than traditional marketing methods.

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4 Top Marketing Tactics for a Visible Brand 

Seo, google changes, mobile friendly, RankBrain

One of the four most effective tactics online is a good SEO provider like ours. To find out the other three that help your Google rankings soar, read on.

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Your 7 Step Essential Content Strategy

content marketing requires strategy and process

If you want to see what an effective content strategy looks like read on. This article not only gives you vital and effective content tips, it shows you how they work implemented in a case study.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

search engine optimisation explained quickly and simply

If you need to understand SEO basics then this blog is for you. There’s a video overview of what SEO is followed by a simple guide on using google ad words to get a quick list of SEO terms.

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The Three Top Online Success Hacks

digital strategy

When I see clients that have spent time and money online without results, I find that there are three areas that often fall short of what is needed to attract clients organically. So what can you do to optimise your website before spending your hard earned cash on paid advertising?

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