What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Now more than ever, getting found online is the difference between success and sales, and hearing crickets. The first step is Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.

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What is SEO? Here's a short video: 

Because getting found is the first key to online success, it's fast becoming a sought after, necessary service that becomes another 'cost' when a business is just beginning. 

When starting out, you don't have to know everything about SEO. Getting started is about understanding why SEO is important, then you can do the basics yourself or get an SEO search terms list done for you.

Using google to get a quick list of SEO terms is an easy way for a beginner to do some SEO searching. If you’re not clear on what SEO actually is, please take a look at my blog and at least watch the video (which is 3 mins) to get an overview.

Follow these steps to create a list of SEO terms.

  1. Log into or create a gmail account then look up Google AdWords.
  2. Log in under your gmail and go to the wrench symbol then click into Keyword planner.
  3. if you have a website, put it in there. If not, add search terms separated with commas, for example dog, wash, grooming.
  4. Then choose your search audience. If you are a local business, like a dog wash, you might want to enter only a small radius. If you are global, include other countries.
  5. The results will give you both ad word ideas and search volumes for like terms.

You can export the data to excel and then sort by volume.

Quick tip - for some reason searches in the millions come AFTER searches of 10k when you sort them, so check the break down to ensure you have the right terms.

If you have put your website in the search field, you’ll learn what terms are already on there versus what is being searched for online. You can then plan content to fill in the gaps, or tailor your content towards lower contest search terms for higher SEO rankings (which means you pay less for ad words if you choose to do paid advertising) however it also means you can ‘niche’.

We include SEO with our website copywriting packages, which start at $599 AUD. If you'd like to do the research only, we provide the top 50 most searched terms in your field for $250 AUD. 

If you need SEO services for your business, just contact us.


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