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Social Platform Set up, Imagery, Hashtag and Posting Services

Send your Social Media Professionalism skyward

Social media is a wonderful way to make a strong statement online about your business. Within that framework, your business can be educational, funny, inspiring, creative and a leader in your industry. 
People who engage with social media become connected with your brand because your values align, your content inspires them to read or react. Where you have a call to action (a sales post) you’ve created know, like and trust that increases the ease of conversion into a sale.
As search engines index social media entries, having the maximum number of entries across the appropriate social media platforms becomes ever more important. People love to look up your business, check out the reviews, find out more about you and see whether you fit.

In fact, Google, which covers over 90% of Australian searches, now says it takes up to 21 visits before people buy. So giving your potential client more ways to engage is a crucial step to sales results.

In an environment where we have the luxury of choice of service or product provider, social media becomes the ‘social proof’ that your business is the right fit for your client. Reviews will work for you, as will regular, engaging content. 


  • Analyse current social platforms
    Make sure your client hangs out there

  • Business Review
    To ensure content = sales growth


  • Create your Style
    Imagery, hashtag analysis,
    brand guide and colour palette

  • Content creation
    On point for your ideal client


  • Approval and Scheduling content
    Usually 1 hour per month

  • Review engagement monthly
    = increased results

Social Media Management Services

We provide Social Posting Services for all SME Business needs

Social Media Platform Set up

Creating or optimising Facebook and Instagram pages and Linkedin Company profiles. Sales optimisation includes description, URL, call to action buttons / links and banner design.

Content only social media production

Our expert team provides branded pictorial content and text based on your brief. We then guide you on a content calendar and you download the information and organise distribution.

Single platform social media

Platform specific content and distribution branded content for single platform(s). 

We will post just to Facebook or Instagram platforms on your behalf.

Brand Level Social Media Management

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are highly preferred by the majority of business brands and are our specialty. We provide basic, intermediate and advanced management options. 

Digital Copywriting - A brand that assists businesses to maximise their digital footprint

Brand Level Social Media Packages


  • Social posting on 3 platforms 
  • 9 posts per month 
  • imagery 
  • captions 
  • overview reporting
  • distribution of 5 additional posts of your provided content.

Get Set

  • Social posting on 3 platforms
  • 18 posts per month
  • imagery
  • captions
  • boost spending
  • analysis and recommendations
  • distribution of 10 additional posts of your provided content


  • Social posting on 3 platforms
  • 30 posts per month
  • imagery
  • caption
  • boost spending
  • analysis and recommendations
  • distribution of 20 additional posts of your provided content.

Strand Hospitality Furniture - B2B furniture manufacturer of designer looks to quality venues 


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