How do you future proof your business equity?

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Post COVID Pivot to Online Messaging

COVID has taught us that being prepared to pivot is essential, which was one key takeaway from Tapas Strickland's recent presentation at the BBG Finance Forum. 

Tapas spoke about how digitalisation in businesses poses a good opportunity for SME, while larger corporates have a longer pivot to do, from bricks and mortar to online. 

One key to future proof thinking is having a viable digital identity and creating equity through your online presence. This will put your business in good stead for short and long term growth or sale. 

Read on for 5 ways to future proof your business by creating digital business equity.

5 Key ways to future proof your business

Finance business owners need online assets!

1. Modern Digital Identity  

The old school logos and websites from 5-10 years ago just don't cut it anymore in today's online space. With the advent of RGB (think devices and screens) print oriented logos seem dull. Global competition requires simplicity as dull or complicated logos get lost as an icon, which is key to social media brand equity.

We've done a dozen digital identity revamps - including brand and website rebuilds. This always results in a jump in business equity and in new client reach. 

2. Strong Social Media Platform Reach

Every social media platform is like having another 'yellow pages' listing. That means if you have good content and strong socials, you can outshine a larger organisation. Here's an example of that with one of my clients. They have grown from 1,200 to over 20,000 in just 18 months. With social media marketing and SEO, together we reach up to 5 million people per month. 

They fill every event and have gained a real foothold in the parenting education space.

3. Google My Business 

This listing currently accounts for 25% of all lead generation platforms. For finance businesses especially, this can be a powerful platform that showcases a bricks and mortar location to your local area. 

We help our clients with weekly posts, accurate business information, strong local SEO reach and often this platform alone brings in calls and emails daily for our clients. See our case study for more information. 

4. Quality Content 

Here are some stats on what that means. The top google rankings (google has over 90% of all searches) go to 1,800 - 2,000 word articles. And any content under 350 words is not ranked highly. So we suggest a key piece that is researched, then repurposed for maximum reach. This means your social media, your email or local listing refers back to your case study, blog or project. Why Traditional Advertising Agencies are Failing is one example from my library. 

5. Clarity of Message 

We marketers talk about niching down, Start with WHY and so forth. 

Knowing not just who you serve, but the intersection between your passion, the client who loves what you do and a lucrative product is the sweet spot for a really profitable business. 

Being able to differentiate yourself as one kind of finance business, or one kind of consultant, will exponentially grow your appeal to your ideal client. This is absolutely true for our clients, who gain profitable results from following this strategy. 

Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions about any of the 5 key ways to future proof your business. 

About the Author Emma Sidney

Emma Sidney is a copywriter who captures the essence of her clients thoughts and aspirations and translates them into real identifiable results online. As a digital strategist and thought leader Emma takes the content and powerfully adds value through context while explaining the digital space exceptionally well to her clients. Everyone wins when Emma writes.

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