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1. What is digital copywriting?

This is a discipline that combines content writing, sales / UX (user journey) and digital strategy. Here's a short video. 

2. What is lead generation online?

Lead generation is the process of getting the details of a business and a contact person, usually their email, first name and hopefully last name and mobile phone number.

The reason to collect leads is to provide them with valuable education. The result is that there is an understanding of what you do, creating 'know, like and trust'. Then the business or individual is more likely to purchase from you. 

3. What is polarisation and how is it a good thing?

Polarisation / polarization, occurs when you have some people who love your brand and some who hate / dislike it. 

As a marketing tactic, this is smart business because you are focussing on people who will really love and recommend your product. Those who do not will potentially cause 'viral' support because people who love your products will defend your brand. 

The key of course is to have people who support you so much that they will buy and create a viable business. If you have too little support, the 'haters' will ensure that your business fails. 

4. Do we offer Digital Copywriting Packages?

We work as a digital agency and offer full service packages to handle all of your digital needs. This includes website rebuilds and rebrands, photography, video, social media, SEO and PPC or paid advertising and even hard copy printing. 

We also include business automation, SMS, social media and email outbound and inbound lead generation. 

Because we begin with a comprehensive digital strategy, you’ll find our service is effective in elevating your brand and that it jumps in perceived value markedly over a 12-month period. Packages start at $2,000 per calendar month.

5. How much does a Social Media Expert Cost?

In 2015 we were purely a social media business, assisting clients with set up, growth and social posting on the main social media platforms. This included 1:1 training and the platforms we handle are Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Google +. Now our service offering has expanded substantially, however we still offer social posting services. 

As a basic level of service, we recommend posting on at least 3 platforms regularly and our starter pack is $450 per calendar month. We offer advanced Facebook and LinkedIn management as required. 

6. How do you Create a Digital Marketing Strategy?

We begin by analysing the platforms you have and the market that suits your business model and product offering. We also help you to dig deep to find out exactly what sets you apart and spend some time breaking down the barriers to success that you may have experienced so that we can position you powerfully in your ideal marketplace. 

Once we have found out where you will thrive, we ensure that your entire brand gains prestige and momentum with effective branding, copywriting and automation services. 

Then we ensure that you have SEO to get found, PPC if that’s a good fit, inbound marketing and outbound marketing in the ways that work for your brand. In marketing every dollar needs to have a ROI (return on investment) so we ensure that you spend your dollars on the right channels to achieve your business goals.  


7. What is Brand Marketing?

Brand Marketing is a next level marketing tactic that associates your product or service with your brand, with your colours, your logo, your tagline, your brand promise. As a result, your client knows, likes and trusts that you can deliver on your offer better than your competitor. 

“A brand name instantly informs customers about a company’s reputation, enabling them to trust the quality of each product or service that business offers. The very mention of the brand name (or the sight of the brand logo) conjures all of a customer’s experiences and perceptions of a business—good and bad”says Marketing  

We focus on building brilliant brands because that is what is required to stand out in the marketplace in today's busy online world.