Digital Marketing Strategy

The biggest problem we see is businesses who lack clarity. They struggle to maintain the right activity with the best possible speed so that they are effective marketers. That's because they aren't marketers. We are. 

For maximum impact, your business needs a digital strategy, or online marketing agency and internet marketing services that helps you showcase everything you are as a brand and as a business of authority. 

There's the best offer you can make to your ideal client, defining how best to target them. We also consider integration with your mailing list, your social sites and your hard copy collateral. It all takes a strategic eye to understand and implement.

We know that's not your focus. So while we do teach the principles online and in person, we become your outsourced project managing marketing go to and do it all for you. 

Our digital marketing consultants and strategist offer a full service digital agency. We do everything. Yes EVERYTHING.

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A digital strategy is the most important thing you need to simplify your marketing.

With a digital marketing strategy, you stop wasting time and energy on learning it all yourself, wasting time on ineffective tactics to win business. You start to value your brand and your services properly through our in depth market analysis of your offerings.

You receive an 8 step strategy that identifies your ideal client. We cover your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Website and Sales Funnel. We offer social posting guidelines for when and where your ideal client is going to be found. 

The Result?

Your brand has a strong look and feel for organic client traffic. Then you know that when you spend money on paid campaigns, you're going to improve your results. 

The time and money you save as you scale is ENORMOUS 

Digital Marketing Strategy and Your Business

Is your SME struggling to grow despite you doing everything right on paper? If you aren’t experiencing the growth you desire, let me ask you one question:

When you spend time (networking, social media or outbound campaigns) or money (google Ads, FB ads, Linkedin ads) do you get great results?

If the answer is YES – congratulations you are on the right track! If NO, it could be that your business lacks the right digital marketing strategy to separate you from your competitors, grow your audience and improve your standing with existing customers.

As a business owner, you can’t be an expert in every aspect of running a business, so when it comes to digital marketing, professionals seek out experts to get them on track.

That’s where Digital Copywriting comes in.

How a Digital Strategy Helps You

The biggest problem we see is businesses who lack clarity.

A business needs to undertake clear activity with high value for their clients. For example:
  • Having someone sit on social media for hours a day is only valuable if they are providing content that consistently grows your audience and invites new sales enquiries.
  • Paying for ads is only worthwhile when the ads are working.
  • Getting SEO is only valuable when you have the right kind of SEO and you understand the activity being done.

All of this relies on you having a clear plan. For maximum impact, your business needs a digital strategy and an online marketing company or firm that helps you showcase everything you are as a brand and as a business of authority.

Do you have all these elements for maximum sales impact?

  • Offers that entice
  • Fully articulated sales process
  • Clarity on your ideal client / avatar
  • A solid consistent online brand
  • Strong social media growth strategy
  • Authority in your branding
  • A way to nurture your clients from first enquiry to sale

These are the kind of activities that are essential for success, yet we know that may not be your focus and you may be unsure of the next step. If you’re wondering about what you need and have some questions, talk to Emma.

Overview of What a Digital Strategist Does

To grow your business, this digital copywriting and marketing professional takes the hard work out of creating the look and feel that resonates with your ideal clients.  With the right digital marketing plan, your business based anywhere in Australia or local to us in Williamstown, Melbourne or the Gold Coast can become an authority within their industry. This leaves your competitors scrambling to catch up. With the right strategy, you will find yourself attracting more local customers as well as growing your visibility on a broader scale.

Digital Copywriting services include:

  • Brand Creation: We’ll curate the perfect brand identity for your business, which will entice your target audience and set you apart from your competitors. It will epitomise your values and what you can provide to the community.

  • Copywriting: Our copywriting services will engage your prospects with well written content that is relevant to their wants and needs. Whether it takes the form of informative material on each page of your website, or blogs to interest passing visitors and keep them coming back for more, we work with SEO keywords, user journey and sales steps in mind to get engagement and keep it.

  • SEO: Our SEO services will make you more visible in the online world. With targeted keywords and optimised content, your website will receive a boost in web traffic and an increase in Google’s ranking. With our SEO services, you’ll see your business get closer to the first page of search results in a matter of months. For more information, view our SEO services here.

  • SMM: We’ll market your services on all relevant social networking platforms through content or paid advertising, targeting existing and new audiences to create brand awareness and increase sales. You’ll get recognition and brand authority by exposing your business to broader audiences.

The Results:

With Digital Copywriting managing every aspect of your digital marketing, we’ll save you time and money by widening your digital footprint so that you can gain more clients while engaging existing ones.

Allow us to present your business in the online realm while giving you the freedom to do what you do best – run your business.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Explains:

  • How to gain more clients quickly
  • How easy it is to buy from your site
  • Are you engaging clients within 7 seconds?
  • What is your best website and content strategy
  • What's the actual sales power of your copy
  • Are you connecting with your clients?
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation on pages and in your website
  • External link quality and social media integrations

Education and strategy sessions are 1:1 or in groups, as you require.

For more information on all our other services, please just call and let us know what you are struggling with.
An easy fix is a phone call or email away.

Success Starts with Strategy

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