Shaping your socials for present and future momentum

Social Media Case Study: How to increase your FB audience by 700% in one year

While all businesses want to create a professional presence online that leads to authority and sales, social media in house can be challenging to manage.

Often elements are missing in this process:

  • Creating graphics 
  • Curating or writing engaging content 
  • Knowing the balance of education to sales 
  • Which hashtags are trending 
  • The best SEO key phrases 

Social platforms constantly change their algorithms and capabilities. And there is often activity without data or an integrated marketing strategy. 

The result? 

You might have a savvy social person in your team, but you have no idea about your ROI.

The Solution to Social Success

We keep our team’s skills (for each social media platform) up to date, ensuring our services are as effective as possible for the long term. Social media effectiveness takes time and can be measured through:

  • Audience growth

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  • Reach growth
  • Quality engagement
  • Traffic to your website

By maintaining a team of consultants that only do social media, professionals that live it and breathe it, we ensure that the work we are doing has the maximum potential to meet your goals, which are agreed in the service brief.

Social Media Skyrocketing - VPC Case Study


The client had a following of about 2,000 on Facebook, no access to their linkedin profile and no instagram profile. They wanted to grow their brand recognition and following on every platform and needed to report on the results over a year. 


We create 18 branded posts per month, reviewing hashtags, providing the imagery and text, delivering on credibility with links to external sources for verification. We also help them with branded special calendar days, offers and posts for their events. We engage monthly with any upcoming in house content that needs to be branded before sharing for best engagement. 

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The business adds to these posts with several shared articles from other sources, so that the page produces varied non-proprietary content every day and branded proprietary content every 2-3 days.


Growth on Facebook from 2,000 to over 15,000 in 12 months. Here is the average growth in likes in a month, post reach, engagement and video views. This keeps going up and may jump to 5 million with an event or post boost, and the occasional viral post

Every event this client holds is sold out, a recent poll delivered almost 1,000 submissions. After a year, we still work with this business and the combined reach of the platforms is now almost 18,000 followers.

Branded Post Creation