What is Digital Copywriting?

Digital Copywriting is the digital marketing agency in Melbourne run by Emma Sidney, Digital Strategist. Our goal is to get your business found online, more easily and to create the connections you need from visibility to sales.

We access a team of dedicated digital marketing professionals. The team of over 130 work in areas such as search engine optimisation - SEO, search engine and pay per click marketing - SEM, social media marketing - SMM, website development via our sister brand SEODC and branding, messaging and funnel creation.

We also run the More Clients Now programs to assist coaches and consultants to ace their message, curate a community of ideal clients and develop personalised sales processes that grow their businesses exponentially within 90 days.

Why Choose Digital Copywriting?

Digital Copywriting combines copywriting and SEO skills so that your ideal client finds you more easily online, and creates a human to human connection that turns interest into enquiry and enquiry into sales. 

Digital copywriting is the next level of discipline from content creation and copy creation. The best digital marketing services take on metrics such as google analytics and keyword phrases. We combine these metrics with understanding your products, then finding ways to both reach your ideal clients and give them the information they need to enquire and buy more often and more easily. 

To discuss the full range of services available, call Emma. 

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Brand, message and SEO strategies to maximise your digital footprint.  

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As a digital copywriter, I understand how to write an emotive, effective story about your business that engenders trust. 

The gift of the right message online is that your client sees your business as the solution to their problems, in a clear and complete way that allows them to feel sure and take action. 

As your online marketing company we are your lead generation, social media marketing agency and SEO firm. The service you need varies depending on the business you have and we offer a full digital strategy consult to develop the best path to increasing your online authority and sales.  

Our overarching role or is to engage the reader and motivate them to do something using the right digital platform and channel. We convey valuable information about a brand, industry or issue, AND we do it in a way which helps your client make a decision to trust you and buy your product or service. 

Our point of difference is digital strategy; that understanding of the synergies necessary with other online platforms and IT specialists. We collaborate and link across platforms to increase your online presence and sales ability. Together you and I create a strategic, robust, flow of online assets to widen the digital footprint of your organisation and assist you in gaining new clients. 

Live Testimonial from Fur Wale - SheTalks

As a participant of the More Clients Now Program, Fur Wale has taken her already thriving business to a new level. 

"Straight away in the first week I had a sales conversation and instead of going into my old way of coaching, I offered them what I thought and what they wanted, and they came straight into the program. It was just a really powerful way to offer that individual transformation on the spot. 

The personal benefits is that I feel more certain... I feel really powerful I feel like there's nothing in the way of that person getting the outcome they came for... and I'm serving at a higher level, and it's so satisfying; it's the place you dream about. 

Emma is able to relate to all of us, I'm telling you she's a genius when it comes to seeing what you need in your sales process and your content ... it's her magic ... and it works. ... It's gold, it's gold."

Why Emma Sidney is #1 on Google, a #1 Amazon best seller and #1 on LA104

Emma Sidney has been online since 1995 at www.emmasidney.com as a musician. An early adopter of technology, Emma owns her name and brand on most of the social platform URLs meaning that if you search her, Emma is #1 for Emma Sidney on Google and her businesses rank highly as well. 

Emma Sidney's experience as a writer began as a graduate of the University of Melbourne BA Honours in Cinema Studies and Cultural Studies, immediately applying herself at Dun and Bradstreet as a Business Analyst. Following that, Emma worked in many top tier companies including Carter Holt Harvey, UPS, Employsure, Sony, Texas Instruments, including 10 years in sales roles. 

Emma has been engaged with over 2,000 business owners in solving their problems with custom made solutions in the last 10 years. 

In 2015 Emma decided to take her understanding of sales, business and being online to the next level. During a 10 day Global Traffic Seminar in Thailand, Emma became an Amazon #1 Best Seller with "10 Hot Tips for Social Media Success". 

Since then Emma has recruited and worked with experts in copywriting, social media, SEO, website development and branding and CRMs. Emma helps clients build brands from scratch and is the creator of the More Clients Now course to help coaches and consultants hone their sales and marketing skills into a powerful process that is easy and ethical.  

Emma has also created the More Curated Communities course to help clients curate ideal client groups and have solid processes for social selling. 

In just a few years, Emma and her team have become preferred mentors for many business owners, including turning a $4M business into a $9M business in 12 months, increasing sales for clients exponentially within 90 days and assisting businesses to thrive and grow in several industry sectors. 

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Emma Sidney - Digital and Sales Strategist

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Emma works with a team of over 130 who offer a full range of digital agency marketing services across Australia. with every aspect of your business covered. We specialise in organic lead generation methods first, to ensure that when you spend on SEM, your dollars convert. 

The difference you'll find in working with Emma is that everything is explained, you are aware and happy with  the process and the outcomes are clear.