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7 Seconds from Hero to Zero

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How long do you have to engage a customer on your website?
I’ve heard as little as 1.7 seconds, usually it’s around 7-10 seconds and by 59 seconds your time is UP!
Here are my Top 5 Tips for breaking the 7 Second barrier:

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How to Write for Website Sales

When writing content is not your favourite pastime, it’s easy to put off or overlook. Often I find clients have ‘had a go’, or been paralysed by inability to really articulate their vision to their ideal client. I’m currently working with one client who has spent a whole year feeling stuck on providing website content and who was “very impressed” by …

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3 Hot Tips to Increase UX or User Experience

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UX or user testing is crucial to success in any advertising campaign. Large companies know this. But you would be surprised how many SME’s don’t even think about the quality of the journey on their website to their potential client.

One of the first principles in creating a decision making client is …

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