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Businesses require congruency - all the right information - in the right places online and offline to be effective, to get found and for people to have 'know, like and trust'. Congruency requires a logo, a colour palette and a font set that is engaging, fits your business style and works for your clients. 

When you want to create excellence and authenticity in your field, create a brand. Then ensure everything you create is branded. 

Brand Communication Mastermind

We offer a deep dive session that uncovers the links between your goals, your clients and sales. While you might just be thinking look and feel, the maximum value of a design is in how it lands for your ideal clients. That means being really clear on who they are, what colours will resonate with them, and knowing how that brand will be applied across the scope of your business. 

In the digital era, your brand must be vibrant, easily identified, fit into small icon spaces (ie. Facebook logo) and still be understood.  

As a sales oriented business, we help you understand in more detail what will inspire your clients to buy. We identify: 

  • Goals and Challenges
  • Critical Numbers
  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Message to Client

Digital Marketing Assets for Brand Savvy Businesses

  • Colour Psychology
  • Logos
  • Strategic Brand Management
  • Copy and Web Fonts
  • Video and Photography
  • Websites
  • Landing / Lead pages
  • Pop up / Opt in boxes
  • Business Cards
  • Pull up Banners
  • Brochures / Flyers
  • E-books / Event Creation

Steps to Create a Successful Brand 

Understanding your niche in the market has never been more important. We have so many options that it is almost impossible to stand out. Here's some tips that you need to consider: 

  1. Really know your client - We work with entrepreneurs and business owners who want a level of understanding but don't want to do everything themselves. They are often men, 40 plus, with a successful thriving SME.

    They are busy, driven people who don't go for marketing speak and like being taken care of. They need more than a copywriter, more than a strategist, they need a project manager who understands the world of business. They need a problem solving person who has a high level of ideation and relates well to them and their brand. They need someone who will just get it done.  
  2. Take a risk - And be exceptional. Seth Godin's Purple Cow assures us this is the only way to get your market share in today's crowded marketplace. 
  3. Know your colours - Different colours appeal to different people 
  4. Create a brand not a logo - Having a brand is more than just a picture or a couple of colours. It's a look and feel that converts from website to brochures, social platforms to business cards. It incorporates vector images, fonts and weights, CMYK, Pantone and RGB colour break downs for all your colours.

    We handle this by creating branding guides with a look and feel for larger businesses, or a simple style guide so that your colours, your logo and your fonts always travel with you. 
  5. Everything must be simple - A complicated logo won't look good on social media, a unique font will date on your logo. 
  6. Understand that look and feel beats content every time - Before someone takes the time to get to know your brand by reading, they will either like or not like it. This takes less than 7 seconds. 
  7. Get branded photography - This is more than just a professional photo shoot. This is a photoshoot designed to make your brand stand out. We create a brief for our professional photographers to work with so that the images fit the brand, the purpose and the colour psychology that will excite your ideal client. 
  8. Use professional video - Video is THE #1 tip for your brand to stand out today. As highly consumable, easy bite sized content, branded video is the best thing you can place on your website for high visibility and great impact. 
  9. Integrate your socials and directory listings - If you want to get found online, having the social links you need to be visible is essential. Using RSS feeds (showing your latest posts) from your preferred platform is a great way to keep content relevant and recent. 
  10. Give a face to your brand - Whether it is yourself or your team, people love to know people. We are all pretty savvy on stock images too these days, so photos and videos that are of your actual team are highly valuable branding assets. 

Our logo and branding designs

logo by digital copywriting

Website Design and Branding Services

We do a range of work for a brand, depending on their needs. Here's some examples: 

Psoriasis Australia's website and brand

Digital Copywriting provided:

  1. purple and orange logo
  2. the website including copy
  3. sourced photos 
  4. set up Insightly CRM
  5. provided Mailchimp integration
  6. set up Mailchimp newsletter templates 
  7. trained the staff on Facebook, Insightly and Mailchimp use 

Barnes Capital website map and copy

Digital copywriting provided:

  1.  Site map 
  2. Copy for their website 
  3. Facebook SMM posting
  4. LinkedIn Profiles x 3 

Stafford Property Advisory brand and copy

Digital Copywriting provided:

  1. new logo
  2. strategic brand management  
  3. new branded photos
  4. website design and build
  5. website copywriting
  6. ebook integration
  7. ebook layout  

Alister McDonald brand and copy

Digital Copywriting provided:

  1. photo selection 
  2. management of a social enterprise team 
  3. website build, then a second website build
  4. Copywriting 
  5. Social Media Marketing 

Stafford Advisory Case Study 

We are excited to announce the relaunch of Stafford Advisory. If you want to work with an ethical, effective property advocate, please contact Kirk. His favourite clients are empty nesters and corporate women. 

ux, user experience, digital copywriting, rebranding, Stafford advisory

How copywriting, redesign and new branding add value - a case study with Stafford Advisory

To find out what makes your brand unique, branding services or strategic brand management, work with us. Give us a call or email Emma. We would love to hear from you. 

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