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SEO is the secret to maximum leads for minimum spend online. 

Now more than ever, a growing business requires effective online marketing. If you're wondering why your website isn't getting clicks, calls and enquiries, find out! 

Our personalised SEO Audit combines data with a consultation and recommendations, so that you have direction on how to increase your online sales enquiries. Book Now

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation Services

SEO is THE method for your clients to find your business and requires that you have a website or landing page that has the terms that your client is searching for on the page and also embedded in the back of the website or landing page.

We offer a generous range of search engine marketing services that suit all business sizes, with in depth transparent reporting, guarantees on results and monthly updates. Best of all, we are located in Williamstown, Australia. 

Understanding SEO in Australia

When we speak about search engine marketing, , what we need to consider in the Australian market is Google. Google has over 90% of the search engine market, so if you aren’t optimised for Google, then you aren’t going to be found by Australian clients.

SEO is a time consuming and ever changing process, that requires a dedicated approach, which is why having a skilled service provider is important. Here’s the BIGGEST problem that I see with my clients - they don’t realise that all SEO is NOT the same.

By comparison we offer two types of services, one based on number of keywords, and one that is more consultative and can change over time. We recommend the service that fits your needs and your budget like a glove, we also offer guarantees and detailed reporting every month.

What's the Purpose of SEO Marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) optimises a website so it appears on page 1 in a search engine, like Google, so that when someone searches for your product or service you will come up quickly and often.

These are organic listings, not paid listings and not maps listings. We offer complimentary services to ensure that you have those listings covered as well.

The result is that you get found first and contacted often.

Once your search engine marketing budget is set, your firms, agencies, companies can receive UNLIMITED leads through best SEO marketing and they are ongoing, so this is a powerful use of your marketing budget.

Another part of search engine marketing, often ignored, is optimising your brand on search engines when people are specifically researching you. Part of this is reputation management, however our SEO service offers complementary, quality content on business directories and other properties to best represent your brand. This includes updating old and conflicting entries, as legacy issues (outdated online entries) that may confuse your potential client. We help you quality check this part of your service.

When someone searches online, they are typically close to making a purchase. So the conversion process to a lead or sale from search engine traffic is higher and therefore absolutely key to higher sales volumes.

Paid traffic from search engines is limited by budget and the market is becoming more competitive, which means that the budget does not go as far as it did 2 years ago. The great takeaway is that over time the ROI from SEO traffic may be much higher than that from paid traffic.

It’s important to realise that more and more businesses are employing some kind of SEO optimisation, so that even if you are ranking well now, as search engine algorithms change, you are risking dropping in search engine rankings substantially unless you dedicate resources to an expert SEO provider.

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Is Your SEO Working?  

  1. You want to see most keywords are on page 1 of Google.
  2. This does depend on competition, which is why setting up the terms properly is absolutely crucial.
  3. Look to have further keywords in the top 3 positions.
  4. Verify your SEO Rankings with a monthly report to verify where your business sits.
  5. Typically this will result in increased organic (free), search driven traffic to the website.
  6. We can verify this with Google Analytics access and data analysis.
  7. A successful SEO campaign also ensures that your business immediately appears professional when your client knows the business name they are searching.
  8. This is a primary key to building a professional reputation, which is crucial for a brilliant brand.
  9. We create many listings for the business in business directories etc, to increase places in page one of Google.
  10. This includes the descriptions that appear when your business is initially searched, so that your key messages are clearly articulated.

What SEO does NOT Achieve 

  1. SEO is a foundational building block in a robust marketing strategy.
  2. SEO does not do anything outside the relationship of a client searching for and finding your website.
  3. Typically this translates into an improvement in traffic to the website.
  4. This does NOT cover conversion from your website being found to the user deciding to email or call you.*
  5. Results vary with Google algorithm shifts.
  6. Google Algorithms change and have 200 ranking factors, so ongoing service needs to be complimented by a strong communication strategy.
  7. SEO does not build a database for you or nurture your prospects.**
learn online strategies to boost your client base

* We offer a complimentary service for conversion rate optimisation. This can be invaluable together with meaningful SEO.

** We also offer database and nurturing services so that you maximise the opportunity for clients to get to know you, and then purchase. Online trust typically takes 7 - 12 touchpoints through which your new prospect interacts with you, so this step is really important.

Complementary Marketing to Maximise SEO Success

Your website being highly visible in search engines results in an increase of free, search driven traffic to your website

Conversion Rate Optimisation is a logical next service. This service reviews how the website interacts with the traffic it receives (from all sources) and improves at the user journey to maximise lead generation.

When SEO is resulting in positive lead generation, an Adwords campaign is a great complement (AdWords traffic needs to be additional, incremental to SEO traffic)

An Adwords conversion rate may be higher than SEO as it is highly targeted and complemented with specific landing pages to support lead generation. However the budget is also finite.

Our communications program for business covers all other digital marketing strategies, such as building a database of prospects, nurturing strategies via email and SMS and, Social Media lead generation.

Our SEO Guarantee

SEO businesses with Low Competition

Type of Service Covered By This Guarantee

• Small Businesses

• Local Businesses with Low Competition (City Wide)

• Local Businesses with Low Competition (Suburb Based)

Guarantees We Honour For Low Competition Campaigns

• 50% Keywords in Page 1 over 6 Months

• 80% Keywords in Page 1 over 12 months

• 90% Keywords in Page 1 over 18 Months

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SEO businesses with Medium Competition

Type of Service Covered By This Guarantee

• SME Businesses (City Wide & Suburbs Based)

• Local Businesses - Medium & High Competition (City Wide)

• Local Businesses - High Competition (Suburbs Based)

Guarantees We Honour For Medium Competition Campaigns

• 50% Keywords on Page 1 over 6 Months

• 70% Keywords on Page 1 over 12 months

• 80% Keywords on Page 1 over 18 Months

• 90% Keywords on Page 1 over 24 Months

High Competition SEO Niche

Type of Service Covered By This Guarantee

• Nationwide Businesses

• eCommerce Stores

•  Local Businesses - Extremely High Competition (City Wide)

Guarantees We Honour For Aggressive Competition Campaigns

• 25% Keywords on Page 1 over 6 Months

• 50% Keywords on Page 1 over 12 months

• 75% Keywords on Page 1 over 18 Months

• 90% Keywords on Page 1 over 24 Months

seo, guarantee, results, search engine, service, business,

If you are unsure whether a campaign fits this High Competition Guarantee level, please ask our team AT THE START OF THE CAMPAIGN.

SEO Campaigns - No Guarantees

We do not guarantee results where we cannot. We do not offer you something that we cannot deliver. Even though we cannot guarantee results, we have still achieved dramatic improvements for clients even in some of these high competition areas.

Types of Websites/Service Not Covered By Guarantees

• National Businesses - Extremely Competitive

• 5 Keyword SEO Campaigns

• Maintenance Campaigns

Example Businesses:

• Software (Australia - wide)

• Graphic Design (Australia - wide)

• Insurance (Australia - wide)

• Lawyers (Australia - wide)

• Web Design & Development (Australia - wide)

• Domain Names & Web Hosting (Australia - wide)

• Builders (Australia - wide)

• Weight Loss (Australia - wide)

• Mortgages (Australia - wide)

• Finance (Australia - wide)

There are other industries that will also fit this category. We can confirm this before you commence our service if you are concerned. All other SEO service providers will have the same challenges.

What Our Guarantees Mean

When We Do Not Meet Our Performance Commitments

When a service we are running goes into a guarantee status, we work on the campaign until the minimum performance criteria of that campaign is met. We do this at no charge. We start billing again once we meet our minimum performance criteria.

This is not a money back guarantee, it’s a satisfaction guarantee that we will meet our performance commitments. This is the best solution as it ensures we rectify the performance challenges. Money back guarantees won’t guarantee any improvement in results with your next provider and you have to start the relationship all over again.

Guarantee Conditions:

For a guarantee to be valid and executable, the following criteria must be valid:

There are no pre-existing Google penalties or algorithmic demotions in place on the client’s website at the start of the engagement. These will be picked up following access to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools and fed back to you during the first month of the campaign.

  1. All onpage recommendations we have suggested are agreed to and implemented in a timely fashion.
  2. Where revisions are made to our recommendations, we have reviewed and agreed to those revisions, ensuring the onpage work remains consistent with our target keywords.
  3. All off-page SEO work is quality checked and approved for publication in a timely manner.
  4. There are no major changes to the Google algorithm during the period which change the way websites rank and also require changes in the SEO process.
  5. All payments for servicing the campaign are up to date.

Complimentary SEO Audit

Find out where your website ranks online AND the keywords you need to use to get a better result.
This is one of the BEST reports on SEO that we have seen, you will LOVE it!
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