Are You On Top of Technology?

Are you charting at #1 on Google? Are you getting immediate interest and SALES online?
Doxie Watches had a 500% return on our strategic copywriting in just that first week. 
Now it's $1000's in sales weekly.

Or Have You Given Up on Online Sales?

​If you're a business owner of a brand with any level of success, you have been online for a while and you've possibly got a social media person doing some posting for you. 

Maybe you've spent time and effort and despite likes and comments, sales are NOT flowing in line with your effort. 

Worse yet, you may have put your trust in an agency or a 'guru' to get the answers and spent $2,000 to $20,000... and you're still not seeing results. ​

Maybe you've had a website in limbo for months ... or spent on FB ads and got nothing back... we see that often. ​

It's common for us to create a difference in marketing for clients like this. Because we start with strategy. We get to know you, we work out your why. 

We help you to create 'know, like and trust'. This is more than just a few great words on a page. It's everything you are as a brand and everywhere you appear.

By giving you a strategy, we create or refine your branding, boost your online presence and maximise your sales online.

For specific areas of expertise, click the photo, or read on below to find out more about us and what our clients say. 

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Copywriting creates Results = Sales

"The level of enquiry that Shane and I have received now has been just mind-blowing... even today at lunchtime we were saying that the work on the website is just priceless!

In the short amount of time we spent together you got a very good grasp of our company and how we want to be portrayed. Your ability to take what we wanted to say and interpret it onto the page was absolutely excellent.

When you interviewed Andrew and talked through the projects in more detail, what you wrote worked really well and we've decided to take that copy and use it for our brochures as well as on the website.”

"The next 6 months are going to be mayhem - but in the best possible way!”

Tim Wallace, Sales & Marketing Manager, VicBeam

"It's without hesitation I recommend Emma Sidney as a copywriter for both you and your business - to find the words that sell what you truly have to offer the marketplace in the unique way that you do it."

Julie Stewart, Director, Identity Security

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Emma knows how to be #1 on Google, and now specialises in how being authentic creates raving fans and more sales with 80% less effort. 

Why Emma Sidney is your Copywriter 

"Sometimes you need someone else to say what you really want to say. Emma Sidney has this rare gift.

In a very short period of time Emma intelligently tunes into your business and you as a person and gets the words onto paper that you've been trying to articulate for years."

Julie Stewart, Director, Identity Security

"If you're looking for a model of excellence, the best of the best in this particular industry, then Emma Sidney from Digital Copywriting is the person you NEED to get in contact with." 

Eric Chan, The Pitch Specialist

Case Study Doxie Watches

John sells watches. What makes him different is that he appeals to Dachshund lovers, with his watch design mirroring the short hands and large body of the dog breed. PLUS he LOVES his dogs.

John Rose knows watches, he's excellent at marketing and created a niche. Copywriting added that one crucial element of difference. The first week that Doxie went online, John got that rare and enviable result. With no formal marketing, just a couple of posts on Facebook and Instagram, John got online orders shipping out.

I helped John tell his personal story about how he came to create the brand, so that people understand who he is and what his product is about.

The result? $1,000s in online sales every day. Not only did he recoup his investment with me within the first 7 days, these sales pour in and grow week by week.

Emma speaks about your company and products with precision; together we pinpoint the language and style that is right for your ideal client.

"Because I know sales and being online, your story becomes gold. Our copy plus strategy creates action, attraction and RESULTS. Let's get to it!"

online sales copy for watches

Doxie watches returned over 500% on their copywriting in just one week.

Your Business is a Treasure Trove

As a business owner, you are great at what you do. In fact that's why you began to run a business.

You know all there is to know about your product or service and you deliver. In being in your business you know what you do SO WELL that you forget the value you offer your clients, because you're IN the business. 

You also may be introverted, not a wordsmith and frankly Australians don't want to be seen as 'arrogant' or tall poppies.

Maybe you take your brilliance for granted.

PLUS it's not your specialty to know where to best showcase your brand online. 

We will help you sing your song, share your gift and be rewarded with better quality, returning clients. 

Why Are Businesses Struggling Online? 

The environment is changing so fast online that unless you have a specialist in online and digital strategy that is in your business full time, you're falling behind. 

Often I hear that businesses have spent money on marketing campaigns but they haven't gained noticeable results. Maybe they even gained leads, but the conversion of those clients is proving tricky. There is a disconnect. 

Even the best marketing campaigns usually only convert to around 30% and those leads may not be sales. It's in fact often a 0.01% conversion rate for many. So where are the 70%, the 99%? 

Your potential clients are there, looking online, finding your brand and probably saying... no thanks. I don't buy that lead page, that quick ad, that one time offer.

What they really mean is that the brand overall doesn't speak to them and isn't congruent with that one campaign.

We don't work in that typical digital marketing agency way. We work in depth with your values and who you REALLY are. We can even create your brand from the ground up where that's the right solution. When necessary we partner with people we know, like and trust. We have seen their work and genuinely recommend them. 

Our group of trusted providers work with you and your business, website builders, website designers, SEO companies and marketing people to create a holistic approach to getting your online presence right.

The Result?

Better branding, clearer articulation and more clients who fit your products like a glove. 

Testimonial: Adam Taylor, Cardsite

How Adam needed "a piece of software that fixes his software" to articulate his value proposition.

If the digital world is overwhelming you, have a chat, get some insight and attract more clients today. 

Success Starts with Strategy

Need Digital Strategy Tips? 

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