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Easy Ethical Client Acquisition for Consultants and Coaches

Do you have the clients you want on tap?

Are you finding that even though you spend a tonne of time on creating great content you still want more clients than you currently have? Are you working so hard for results, yet still find your income is determined by referrals, or that sales take way too long? Maybe your ideal client walks in the door, but even though you’ve had great conversations, they don’t make the decision to work with you. It’s frustrating. 

After 7 years of analysing every marketing program out there and working in depth with over 100 businesses, we have developed a toolkit of tried and tested sales systems that will cut your time by 75% and fast track your business to grow this year. 

With our help, we’ve achieved results such as … 3 new clients the next day … a 100% growth in business in one year (Broker - $100k to $200k, Forwarder - $4M to $9M) and for just about every client, greater clarity for the first time on how to send out the right messages to target best fit clients.

The rollercoaster many coaches and consultants face

We’ve tailored our programs specifically for coaches and consultants, because they often face high time challenges when attempting to solidify their sales and marketing, so that they can grow beyond a 6 figure business into one that fulfils their vision and goals. You might have already spent a lot on research and spent ages trying to figure out how to get the right system and had very little success.  

Most coaches and consultants face this problem at various points in their career, so you’re not alone, but that’s cold comfort when you’re looking at your bank balance. 

Let’s face it, your income isn’t where you want it to be, and this means that you’re facing some serious consequences, such as burn out, debt, anxiety, or worse yet, having to do something else. 

All those goals you set are so far out of reach. You want time to travel and experience life outside the everyday grind. You want to add value to more people, get better results for them but that’s not the reality. 

The hard truth is … 

You might think that it’s because there are too many people in your space, you have to make more content to reach people, and you’re still finding it hard to stand out, or you might just struggle to find the time to do client acquisition. 

The hard truth is that you simply don’t have an easy way to get enough regular clients to gain the profits and the lifestyle you want. 

The More Clients Now promise 

With our help, successful consultants solve these problems and spend their time on delivering their genius to more clients, while saving time and energy for what really matters.

Our programs employ the latest techniques for social media sales, and include powerful time saving tools in a hand held way so that you pick the toolkit that works for you and tailor in it record time. We will go on the journey with you to understand your business deeply, and help you find the right way to market and bring in the clients you desire. 

Our clients learn with us how to move a prospect from an initial conversation through to becoming a client with a high lifetime value. They make $20k to 100k per month extra income, using our reliable sales system, that isn’t exhausting, and that generates predictable revenue. 

If you’re ready to stop wasting time on guessing how to talk to your ideal client, want a sure fire way to target best fit clients, then move them from the first conversation to an ideal client, this is the time to take action.

Solving the sales problem 

We help consultants and coaches just like you to develop and incorporate a sales process that isn’t sleazy and feels elegant to you; to smoothly and comfortably transition people from interest to clients without putting any pressure on them. We train you and provide the tools for you to customise so that you don’t have to start from scratch. 

More Clients Now

With our training and guides, you get a unique set of tools and a systematic way to set yourself up to generate leads and get appointments so that you can stop reinventing the wheel and put a system in place that is rinse, repeat, done. 

Our VIP clients also know exactly how many people are moving towards becoming a client every month and it’s as easy as setting time aside to have sales calls and closing new clients regularly.

More Clients Now Program

  • Nailing your Message
  • Sales Script Tailoring
  • How to Craft Your Elevator Pitch
  • Facebook Lead Generation System
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation System
  • Appointment Set up and synch
  • 12 Month Communications Template
  • Event template
  • White Paper Template and Guide
  • Landing Page Template
  • Slide by Slide Successful Webinar Template

VIP More Clients Now Additions

  • CRM Setup
  • Opportunity Dashboard
  • Ad Creative
  • Lead Generation System
  • We Do Your Outbound Calling
  • We Do Your Appointment Booking
  • SMS Set up and Support
  • Social Media Design and Delivery
  • Email Templates
  • Developing your Signature Package
  • How to Maximise Lifetime Value Clients

Solving the sales problem 

Our coaches and consultants easily move their clients through to a sale, without any pressure, because working with them becomes a ‘no brainer’ for their ideal client. 

One broker has doubled his income, beaten franchise businesses in their area, and scaled his business, adding additional staff, under our watch. 

Another client has rebranded and grown his business by $5M in a year. 

A third client has developed a reliable system and team who find and qualify people for her programs, so that her main activity is speaking to clients who need her help. 

A fourth client has gone from having conversations that don’t go anywhere to finding out exactly how to help her prospective clients, and then offering them the right program to solve their financial education gaps. 

While every consultant and coach has a different area of genius, the common denominator is that they needed assistance to identify the gaps in their message to market, assets and sales process, and with our help, they solved these problems. 


Fur Wale - SheTalks

Alister McDonald - Entrepreneur

Mike Curtis - Property Consultant

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The More Clients Now Guarantee

We guarantee that if you implement everything within the course that you will get results, or we will work with you until you do.