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Halve Your Effort and Double Your Online Sales

Are you working REALLY hard for ZERO Online Results?

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Is Your Marketing in a Mess?

  • Your website doesn't get calls
  • Your social media eats up time and effort
  • You pay for campaigns and specialists to help ... and they don't!
  • You might get social likes and comments but you seldom get any sales
  • You are ready to GIVE UP!

    And the frustrating thing is ... to get your name out there today, it's all about being the obvious and only solution to your clients!


Business owners are tearing their hair out wondering what it takes to be successful online!

After 20 years online we know what it takes!

Take VicBeam for example. With a website rewrite and SEO tweak, VicBeam got an immediate, ongoing result which included:  

  • 8 x more leads through their website per month
  • Reaching their ideal client
  • $20,000 per month plus in opportunity
  • $250,000 added to their bottom line
  • Boosted credibility and authority in their industry   

Tim says: 

“The level of enquiry that Shane and I have received now has been just mind-blowing.”

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Your time is your greatest asset. Let us show you how to use it wisely!

Our obsession is to show you how to become the ONLY OPTION for YOUR client! 

In one day you will learn about:

  • Content creation that your clients engage with, rave about and share
  • Dramatically boosting your online brand
  • Simplifying your marketing and cleaning up the mess
  • Maximising your website and socials 
  • Achieving FAR BETTER results in half the time
Give yourself the gift of more clients that you LOVE to work with more often!

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What this event Is and Is NOT

This is:
An outcome driven, practical, live in the room event
This is not: 

A massive sales pitch instead of information you can actually apply
We Value Your Time and Energy!

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