Halve your Effort and Double Your Online Sales 

Digital Strategy Masterclass 9.30am to 3.00pm, Thursday, 8th March 2018. 

Is Your Marketing A MESS? SAY YES IF ... 

  • Your website's CALL ME is BROKEN!
  • Your social media EATS UP time and effort
  • You pay for Specialist HELP ... and they don't!
  • You MIGHT get social likes and comments 
  • You ALMOST NEVER, IF EVER get any sales
  • You are ready to GIVE UP!
To Miss Your Target

The frustrating thing is ... to get your name out there today, it's got to work! 

It's all about being the obvious and only solution to your clients! But how?

Business owners are tearing their hair out wondering what it takes to be successful online! 

You Can Change Your Results!

20 years online gives us the advantage in understanding what the obvious solution is to your client.

Take VicBeam for example: 

With a website rewrite and SEO tweak, VicBeam got an immediate, ongoing result which included:  

  1. 8 x more leads through their website per month
  2. Reaching their ideal client
  3. $20,000 per month plus in opportunity
  4. $250,000 added to their bottom line
  5. Boosted credibility and authority in their industry 
digital strategy, Vicbeam, team
Tim says: “The level of enquiry that Shane and I have received now has been just mind-blowing.”
Ready for Results like that?

Do You want Raving Fans?

Imagine that you have more clients coming to you more often and THEY jump at the chance to work with YOU... like Manuela did with me. 

Learning how to create AWESOME content that is speaking to the RIGHT people and getting them to FEEL like working with you is easy, once you know how. 

My obsession is to show you how to become the solution your client really wants. 

Your time is your greatest asset. Let us show you how to use it wisely!

Joining us will help you save time and effort every day. 

In one day you'll find out how to: 

  1. Create content that your clients engage with, rave about and share
  2. Dramatically boost your online brand
  3. Simplify your marketing and clean up the mess
  4. Maximise your website and socials 
  5. Achieve results in half the time

Isn't it time that you gave yourself more clients that you love to work with more often?

This is: an outcome driven practical in the room event.

This is not: an exercise in overwhelm where you get a massive sales pitch instead of information you can actually apply. ​

We HATE that!

How Clients Benefit from our Events 

Is Your Biggest Problem Being Found, Better Clients, More Leads or More Wins?

We've found four areas that MAKE or BREAK your brand and how effective you are online and in print.

Usually by fixing a few crucial things, your business really starts to soar! We go through every area you need to become more effective as a brand, explaining exact take aways. 

We help you with a lot of information.

As an exercise for your brand, see if you can identify any areas that you need to know more about.

One day per month we run 2 segments of these four:

Workshop 1:

Digital Strategy 

Workshop 2:

AM - Content

PM - Sales (in person sales)​

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If you see there are a few, just click on the eventbrite link and you will see the next workshop dates.

Asking yourself how we do it? Keep reading! 

All of the information that you learn with Digital Copywriting is custom made intellectual property. It's meant to give you ideas that change how you market yourself and create results in your business. 

You see, Emma discovered a huge gap between 'marketing speak' and getting outcomes. The content we deliver is only available here and you WILL gain outcomes on topics like how to double your effective sales. It's about focus, right Neil? 

Now Are You Ready to Halve Your Effort and Double Your Online Sales?

Grab Your Exclusive ticket today valued at $395 for just $49! (early bird)

You will learn to:  
  • Create content that your clients engage with, rave about and share
  • Dramatically boost your online brand
  • Simplify your marketing and clean up the mess
  • Maximise your website and socials 
  • Achieve results in half the time