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Before you spend $$ THOUSANDS $$ on marketing, there are crucial things that YOU NEED TO KNOW FIRST. 

We put together two one day workshops to show you how to: 

  • Define your Ideal Client
  • Easily show YOU how you add value to them 
  • Show YOU how to engage clients in a way that WOWs them
  • Have clients ask you to work with them
  • Understand SEO, CTA, UX and what Google values
  • Offer Your clients the BEST products that they will LOVE
  • Get referrals to your client's colleagues and friends
  • Gain loyal clients and raving fans

This is: an outcome driven practical in the room workshop.

This is not: an exercise in overwhelm where you get a massive sales pitch instead of information you can actually apply. ​

We HATE that!

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Is Your Biggest Problem Being Found, Better Clients, More Leads or More Wins?

We've found four areas that MAKE or BREAK your brand and how effective you are online and in print.

Usually by fixing a few crucial things, your business really starts to soar! We go through every area you need to become more effective as a brand, explaining exact take aways. 

We help you with a lot of information.

As an exercise for your brand, see if you can identify any areas that you need to know more about.

One day per month we run 2 segments of these four:

Workshop 1:

AM - Strategy

PM - Magnetic Marketing

Workshop 2:

AM - Content

PM - Sales (in person sales)​

strategy, content, marketing, sales

If you see there are a few, just click on the eventbrite link and you will see the next workshop dates.

Asking yourself WHY do this? Read on! 

Are you surrounded by raving fans?

Or are you finding that people don't get you and how great you are at what you do?

Imagine that you have more clients coming to you more often and THEY jump at the chance to work with YOU... like Manuela. 

Learning how to create AWESOME content that is speaking to the RIGHT people and getting them to FEEL like working with you is easy, once you know how. 

Get your Marketing Edge Here!

All of the information that you learn with Digital Copywriting is custom made intellectual property. It's meant to give you ideas that change how you market yourself and create results in your business. 

You see, Emma discovered a huge gap between 'marketing speak' and getting outcomes. The content we deliver is only available here and you WILL gain outcomes on topics like how to double your effective sales. Here's what Debbie had to say: 

Why we know how to Solve Problems  

When the GFC hit, I was stuck, I mean really stuck. I was earning $40,000 and was made redundant, living by myself in a small studio in Williamstown and I had NO backup.

After applying for around 70 jobs, I got ONE bite... commission only sales. In just 3 months I learned how to make 10 sales per week with people who didn't know me at all within 2 hours of meeting me .... and I broke the sales record 3 times.

Within 10 months I was head hunted by UPS. Before I decided to leave there 3 years later I had brought over $5 million in new business to them and handled $15 million in sales revenue, and seen over 1,000 new clients.

I then worked for Employsure, seeing another 1,000 new business owners and delivering around $400,000 in new sales per quarter.

For every client I worked with over that 6 year period, I was solving problems for the business owner, giving solutions and creating win-win results. Every client I worked with decided to work with me because I was patient and understood them. I realised that 'selling' was ineffective. Creating connections and 'solving' is what works. Then your client ask you 'how'. 

I moved into social media, content creation and brand strategy in 2015. I knew that sales were highly connected to marketing and that was where businesses were falling down - in understanding how to create brands that solve problems.

Now I help clients establish and maximise brilliant brands through visual, audio, written and personal connections that WOW their clients. A huge part is education. 

Sound great? Pop in to our next workshop, just choose your next convenient date and click through for tickets.

Looking forward to helping you!

Emma Sidney

Digitial Strategist

Is there More Client Feedback? YES!

Want a taste online first? Marketing 101 is Here

Even if you have no idea about marketing and want to gain a reasonable understanding of the basics quickly, you don't have to spend a lot and read a lot to figure it all out, nor do you need to pay someone to do it for you (unless you want to of course!). 

Once you understand the importance of these principles, you'll be in a fantastic position to make an informed decision about whether you need a digital strategist or copywriter to help, or whether you can manage the next steps yourself. You'll get: 

Short, easy to understand videos of those annoying terms that IT people use like you know what they all mean. Now I'm sure you know some of these, however an overview of each one is ready just in case. 

Your FREE 101 Marketing Knowledge includes: 

  • What is digital copywriting?
  • What is SEO?
  • What is a call to action?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts of social posting?
  • Why define my ideal client?
  • How do I create leads online?
  • How important is video?
  • What can I use a digital copywriter for?
learn online strategies to boost your client base

We never share your information; be assured your details are safe. 

Would you like that delivered?

Your Marketing 101 series has REAL information, is over in 2-4 minutes per week and is delivered to your inbox and available on demand. Just pop in your details and begin.

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